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For the Homeowner:
• Shifts solar power to cover peak energy hours.
• Increases your self consumption and reliability.
• Protects against rising energy costs and casualties to critical infrastructure.
• Provides the freedom to select the grid-tied energy rate that best fits your lifestyle.
• Ensure 24/7 operation of your protected loads.
• Supports aggregated demand response programs.
• Smart Grid ready.

Quiet but Powerful

Adara Power Solutions Smart Battery

Adara Product Features

• Lithium-ion NMC chemistry for high safety, cycle life and energy density.
• Integrated battery management system to monitor and balance each battery cell.
• Intelligent system controller to optimize consumer benefits, solar generation, and battery life.
• Smart-grid and home energy management system interface.
• Reliable cellular or Ethernet connectivity.
• Remote monitor and control through a cloud based repository.
• LED fuel gauge displays state of charge.
• LCD panel displays battery parameters and time to empty.
• Standard 19″ rack mounted system ensures compatibility
with future module.

• A 10-year performance warranty on battery modules, enclosure and control system.
• Designed for maintenance free, long life with over 4,000 cycles.
• Remote monitoring of cells and modules to ensure peak performance.

Considering Storage

The Adara 8.6 kWh system is a safe, reliable clean technology
designed by automotive electric vehicle engineers with over 50
years of collective experience. Every Adara system is built with
redundant safety mechanisms and is continuously monitored.
No compromise is made in the pursuit of safety and reliability.

Founded in 2013, Adara Power is committed to providing safe, reliable, intelligent and connected energy storage systems for renewable energy. Adara systems are designed to support consumer self-consumption and enable a resilient, renewable energy grid in order to power a cleaner, sustainable planet.

Here are the Storage Facts

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