Storage: Solar energy when you need it

Storage and Solar

Power derived from solar energy costs about 6-9 cents per kilowatt/hour. In the Bay Area, our electricity rates are based on a tiered system, the more energy you use the higher rates you pay, up to 40 cents per kilowatt/hour or higher during peak times. Instead of sending the electricity back to the grid at times when the rate is low, storing the solar energy to be used later on when the rates are 6 times higher makes dollars and sense. Installing solar power by itself will pay for itself over time, but adding storage will also increase flexibility of when you use the least expensive power.

Automation with Information

This equipment along with propitiatory control software and hardware from LG Chem systems, yields the robust performance and high energy capacity to power your homes’ needs. Performance is incomplete without monitoring, and Resu 10H paired with the StorEdge inverter has an intuitive and flexible interface for controlling how the energy is used on your property. A simple web interface is all you need to see and do everything.

Quality matters

When considering a storage solution, quality should be first priority. Quality products from trusted manufacturers are essential to safe and reliable operation of storage systems. Using cheaply made batteries will only cost you more in the long run, and may compromise safety. LG Chem, our premier storage solution uses LG Chem batteries, with a SolarEdge inverter and monitoring equipment. We all know LG and their quality products, SolarEdge is one of the leading solar/renewwable equipment providers on the globe, and their advanced systems are flexible and reliable.

Storage costs less than ever

The cost of a lithium storage solution is lower than it has been in history. Wired Into the Future will provide a Solar/storage solution for less than what most solar companies charge for solar alone. Micro-Grid solutions starting under $20K after tax credit, with quality throughout. Our LG Chem 9.8kWh storage system paired with 5 kW of solar energy. This system can be easily expanded, if more capacity is needed. Our Solar Storage solution comes with everything you need to store power from the sun. (*$19,995 after 30% Tax Credit.)

Storage technology of the past

The Evolution of Storage is LG Chem

Storage has come a long way

Forty years ago when residential solar was just getting started in the backwoods, and hills of California, battery storage was critical, since solar was primarily used for off-grid applications where power wasn’t available. As Grid-tied solar moved into the main stream, batteries became less important to most solar consumers, evolving into a niche market. With Utilities changing the rules for solar connected to the grid, battery systems have now come full circle back into the mainstream marketplace, and with new exciting technologies. New battery systems do a lot more than store power, advanced systems such as the LG Chem Resu 10H and SolarEdge StorEdge, provide full transparency and control of how solar energy is used in your “micro-grid”, effectively providing the solar energy when it benefits you most, and the security of knowing the power will stay on.

Get started with storage

Wired Into the Future Solar is ready to install your storage solution. Send us a message and we will be happy to put together a no obligation proposal, or answer any questions on solar combined with storage for your home or business.