About Solar Energy

Savings through solar

Power derived from solar energy is cheaper than power from the grid. In the Bay Area, our electricity rates are some of the highest in the country, and increase by an average of 5% annually. Installing solar power can pay for itself in less than 6 years, and the levelized cost of electricity over the 25 year lifespan is just $.07 per kilowatt hour.

Increase in property value

Solar not only saves you money in the short and long term, it’s an investment that increases your property value.¬† A detailed¬†study was performed on the State of California by the Cal Berkeley Labs. It found that prices of homes with a quality solar system installed, versus homes without solar, had an increase your property value by more than $5.50/watt.

Quality matters

When considering solar power for your home, quality should be as important as price. Solar is a 25 year investment. For solar to pay back expected returns it’s critical for proper design, quality product, workmanship, and system monitoring. All are the cornerstone to receiving your return on a solar investment. Wired Into the Future monitors every system we install to assure it meets production goals, and it’s return on investment.

Solar powered commute

Solar not only provides energy from the sun, it can provide fuel for your commute. A well designed and installed quality solar installation adds the ability to “fill up” using the sun. This is the cleanest way to get around, and with a power source that never runs out or increases in price. The sun shines for free indefinitely.

Inexpensive is not always cheap.

Wired Into the Future Solar is also a full service provider, troubleshooting installations performed by companies who won’t service out of warranty work. On such an occasion we found this junction box nearly melted when we opened it up. A local company provided the installation services over a decade ago (they are still in business). The only reason the customer didn’t experience a fire was the metal box holding the extreme heat until the connection burned through. Solar panels always produce energy when exposed to sunlight, this is why safety is the first consideration we take at Wired Into the Future. We put skilled, trained technicians on your roof, performing the work to National Electrical Code standards, with electrical safety, and roof preservation as priority number one.

Quality has its' return

Wired Into the Future features quality SolarWorld solar modules, made in Oregon USA as our Standard product line. We also carry less expensive quality Italian made modules, and high power Panasonic modules to name a few. All of the module product lines we carry have a 25 year power production warranty from the manufacturer, the inverter brands we carry have a minimum 10 year warranty up to 25 year warranties to match the solar modules.

Let us know how we can help you

You have nothing to lose and money to gain by giving us a call at 888-899-SOLAR(7652) or fill out our brief contact form, and a friendly staff member will contact you to answer any questions you may have on solar energy for your home or business.