Solar Financing


Solar Financing Breakdown by Wired Into the Future

Wired Into the Future aims to provide customers with the best return on investment that solar has to offer. A 100% cash purchase provides the best financial returns on a solar investment; however, we know that this is not the best option for everyone. For this reason, we have carefully analyzed the solar financing market, taking into account customer experiences, to provide you with multiple ways to go solar without a 100% cash purchase.

Three Flexible Options

  1. Solar Loan Through Your Personal Bank
  2. Solar Loan Through Matadors Credit Union
  3. PACE or HERO Program Financing


1. Solar Loan through Your Personal Bank

If you have a line of equity through your personal bank, this may provide the best interest rate for your solar investment. Discuss with your banker if a solar equity loan is available for your residence.



2. Solar Loan Through Matadors Credit Union

We have partnered with one of the premier green financing companies in California to offer

flexible financing options. Matadors Credit Union provides a secure portal to apply for their program.

Click on this banner to apply with Matadors on our custom portal.

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3. PACE or HERO Program Financing

The Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) Program provides the most hassle free method of financing your solar system. Basically, it’s a way to finance solar systems or energy efficiency retrofits, where a PACE provider offers you a loan, and you pay it back through your property tax bills over 5 to 25 years. By this method, there is no money down, and your interest rate is not based on your FICO score. For instance, a $30,000 dollar solar project installed by Wired Into the Future Solar with an average monthly utility savings of $300 would qualify for the rough financing options below.
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