Our starter package includes top quality products:

  • 4kW** of quality manufactured solar modules with a 25 yr. warranty
  • Adara 8.6kWH Energy Storage Module
  • “Respect your roof” with US made QuickMount PV roof attachments
  • Quality American manufactured IronRidge racking
  • Professional Installation and electrical connection
  • All City Permits and utility interconnection fees***
  • Solar Monitoring system included to keep track of energy harvest

       All for $19,990* —  $13,997* after 30% tax credit

So how much can this system save us?

It is amazing how much a 4kW solar energy system can save you in the short-term and over the long run. Solar energy will off-set the most expensive energy at the highest tiers first. Shown is a valid example of what this system can do for a typical $150 average per month electrical bill in the SF Bay Area. (Typical installation shown, minimal to no shading)

$19,995 before 30% Federal Tax Credit, $13,997 estimated total cost after tax credit. Sales Tax not included.

Never be in the dark again.

Let’s talk about solar plus energy storage for your home.

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