The facts about solar rates in PG&E territory, and why storage is important:




Net Energy Metering (NEM) is a billing arrangement for residential
customers with on-site solar power generation where both energy
consumed and excess energy fed back to the utility grid are
tracked, and the consumer pays only for the net consumption.
Public utility commissions across the U.S. are laying the groundwork
to alter NEM policy that will change the economics for residential
solar energy for years to come. Utilities will pay a reduced rate for
excess power generated, or in some cases not allow any excess
power to be fed back to the grid. In many territories, solar power
without storage will no longer be economically attractive or in high
solar penetration areas like Hawaii will no longer be allowed.
Self-Consumption: consume everything you generate and don’t feed
power back to the grid. There are two ways to accomplish this.
1.  Under-size the solar installation to make sure the solar output never
exceeds a building’s base load. In this scenario, the economic and
ecological benefits of local generation are minimized, and in some
cases altogether eliminated.
2.  Augment the solar installation with on-site energy storage.
Shift excess solar to late in the evening when it is needed.
The customer minimizes the energy fed back to the grid
at the reduced rate.


With a residential Adara installation, homeowners consume all of the energy generated with their solar energy system, sell nothing back to the utility at reduced rates, and purchase less power at the higher retail rate. Based upon local utility rates and NEM policies, homeowners can expect savings upwards of $1,200 during peak Time of Use rates, while also capturing significant value of lower energy costs during off-peak TOU periods.

Combine solar production with the LG Chem Energy Storage and maximize the impact of local generation on both the environment, and your wallet.


Storage saves you money

Storage equals savings:
Solar paired with Storage will be the key to the greatest financial benefit moving forward. Through peak-shifting, and by capturing and utilizing the inexpensive solar energy at the time of day you gain the maximum financial benefit, storage helps to realize even greater savings when compared to solar alone. Using the solar energy (stored in the batteries at $.05-$.07 per kWh) when the Sun is no longer shining will off set peak electricity costs at $.36-$.40 per kWh. Substantial savings for your return on investment.

Use the energy when you see fit

Use Solar energy when you want to:
LG Chem Storage solutions empower you with flexibility, reliability, and security. Flexibility of when you use your solar energy for maximum benefit. Reliability for your power profile, when the grid goes down with ordinary grid-tied solar, the solar power plant shuts down to prevent feeding electricity back onto the grid and injuring utility workers. With LG Chem, your critical electrical loads in are powered by Solar first, and augment power with batteries if necessary.

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